Robert McGrath
December 23, 2022 --

Papers 2022 in Review

2022 in Review

What a year it’s been! Over this last year, we are so thankful for all of our users who continue to support us by utilizing Papers to the fullest. We hope we’ve helped make your research life a little easier with every update. We’re looking forward to all of the great things we have planned for 2023 – but first, let’s take a look at our 2022.

This year, we hosted 475 complimentary live training sessions – that’s a lot of available knowledge. We host these for researchers, labs, start-ups, biotechs, and individual departments. You can sign up for one today! 

Over the year, we cranked out 45 new features, including 200 additional platform enhancements. If we spread that out, that’s almost 4 new features added per month!

Our user base has added 64.5 million documents in the libraries that we support across the Papers community. If you lay all those pages out end to end, that’s enough to circle the earth 2.7 times.

There were 10 million new PDFs uploaded into Papers this year. That’s about 27,398 new PDFs every day. If you stack all those pages, it’ll get you up over 19,685 feet high – or to visualize that, about 7 Burj Khalifas tall.

Papers is home to over 86,000 collaborative spaces driving lively discussions across research teams.

Our users have made over 8.2 million annotations in the Papers app this year. That’s about 16 notes made per minute!

Over the year, about 162 million pages were read in Papers. That’s almost 444,000 pages read each day. If you lined up the pages end to end, the length in walking distance would take you about 235 days.

Papers supports research at over 5,000 research institutions globally, including 60% of the world’s Top 20 Pharmaceutical Organizations! 

Interested in learning more? Sign up for a no-obligation 30-day trial today and start your new research year right – with Papers.