Alex Hodgson
September 11, 2020 --

Top 5 Features that will Make Research Easier this Fall

top 5 tools with papers

Back to school is looking a little different this year. Whether you are attending school virtually, back on campus, or a hybrid of both, Papers is here to help keep your research library organized. We’re listing the top 5 tips to help keep you organized this Fall.


Papers is your all in one discovery tool helping you find new articles, smartly. Use our Mentions, Recommendations and Related Articles to search for articles other than just searching by authors and abstracts.


Our mentions tool assists with any literature review. Located under the Metrics tab, Mentions will pull how each citation from the article in your library, was cited in other literature.

Mentions tool within ReadCube Papers

View a snapshot of how the article in your library is being cited and understand if the article is useful for your research. Each citation is also hyperlinked, so you can add them directly into your library.


Recommendations is the perfect tool for a new way of discovering papers. Our AI-powered tool will suggest papers tailored to what’s in your personal or shared libraries.

Our recommendations tool will suggest new content based on your lists and sublist to see new articles closets to the research you’re doing.

Find new articles by filtering the date and access type too. For more information on discovering articles within Papers check out our Digging into the Metrics.

Accessing Full-Text

Web Browser

Once you find the articles you need for your research, gaining access to them can be time consuming. Spend less time finding access to the full-text. With our web importer, easily add articles with 1-click to your library.

Drop down on Browser Extension

Institutional Proxy Access

For those students who are away from the university library or lab this semester, you can easily connect your institutional proxy to keep access to the research you need.

Take a deeper dive into connecting your proxy, follow our guide on how to access your institution’s library from off-campus.

Enhanced Web Reader

The days of printing are over. With the Papers Enhanced Web Reader you can easily view author information, in-line citations and figures all with our interactive PDF.

Simply upload any article into ReadCube Papers and watch it transform into an enhanced reading enviroment.

Our annotation tools will help keep all your notes organized. What’s more, all your highlights and notes will sync across so you can access your article on any device, at any time.


Citing your research papers is easy with our SmartCite citation tool available for MS Word, Google Docs and Citekeys. Have your library sit side-by-side with your paper, so there’s no switching between apps.

SmartCite Bibliography new UI

Seamlessly collaborate with lab members without hassle with shared libraries.

Where ever you are learning from this semester we hope you stay safe and have fun reading and writing!