Alex Hodgson
February 2, 2019 --

Getting Started: Smart Lists

Smart Lists are a way to save your commonly used searches.

To create a Smart List start by typing in a search term. Once the results look right click the arrow at the right hand part of the search bar.

Screenshot showing where to Save Search for Smart Lists in ReadCube Papers

You can then give a name to your Smart List to help you find it easily.

Screenshot showing how to name a new Smart List

Click Create and your Smart List will show up next to all of your other lists.
To Edit a Smart List you just need to click on the gear next to your Smart List and click edit where you can change your query or name.

Screenshot showing how to edit or rename a Smart List in ReadCube Papers

You Smart List query can be anything you can search for in your library and be as complex as you need to narrow down results. See some examples below:

Find Papers with author “Byrappa” and text search for shark and in the year 2007 in the journal Nature.

author:Byrappa AND Shark AND year:2007 AND journal:Nature

Find Papers in the journal Nature or Science.

journal:Nature OR journal:Science

Find text about genes in the abstract and papers without notes.

abstract:genes AND NOT(_exists_:note)

Find tags with different words. Remember that multi word keywords need “”.

tag:Elephant OR tag:Shark OR tag:”Elephant Shark”

Find articles that aren’t in the Journal PLoS One have a title containing in the word CRISPR and papers with a tag of CRISPR Research.

NOT(journal:”PLoS One”) AND title:CRISPR AND tag:”CRISPR Research”

Find any papers from the year 2015 – 2019.

year:[2015 TO 2019]

Find any papers with the author of Stark in year 2015 or 2016. Using the parenthesis makes sure the year query doesn’t affect your author search.

author:Stark (year:2015 OR Year:2016)

Find your read and purchased content.

unread:false AND purchased:true

Find all of your references with files attached.


Alternatively find all your references without files attached


Search a note or a highlight, strikethrough, or underlined piece of text

note:Shark OR highlighted_text:Shark

Find a highly rated paper that has been read more than 10 times. This works best in a shared library

times_opened:[10 TO *] AND rating:[4 TO 5]

Find all unrated articles that have been read.

NOT(_exists_:rating) AND unread:true

We are still working on converting all Papers 3 Smart Folders to the new Smart Lists.

We are working on adding better date filters, color search so keep your eyes out. If you need help building your query or about Smart Lists go ahead and email ReadCube Papers Support!