Alex Hodgson
October 20, 2020 --

September 2020 in Review

September 2020 in Review Banner

We’re excited to bring you a slew of new features to the Papers app right in time for back to school!

Papers 3 Importer (Desktop)

For our Papers 3 users, we have upgraded the desktop importer to make transferring libraries even easier. Instead of having a separate app we now have folded our new importer into the desktop app. The importer will still transfer over all your references, notes, annotations, lists, and smart lists into the new app

For detailed instructions on migrating your library over please visit our guide on How do I transfer my Library from Papers 3 to the new ReadCube Papers?

Retracted Articles via the Browser Extension (Web)

Our browser extension now has additional support for retracted articles. If you find an article that is retracted or withdrawn we will now show a warning on it next to the buttons.

Note, this will not work on DOI’s that are retraction notices. Notices will only show on articles where the DOI’s are removed.

Edit Authors (Desktop & Web)

We’re excited to implement a new way to edit authors instead of removing them all. You can adjust the name of an author and edit the order easily by hovering over the name to show the Edit and Move button.

We have also made this work on any field that has multiple names in the field(Editors, Inventors, contributors, etc.).

Patent Matching and Enhanced Support (Desktop)

In addition to indexing over 160+ million journal articles, we are excited to introduce patent matching. Now easily upload patents the same as you would any journal article and automatically have Papers match the patent to the correct ID. Explore full information from the details pane and even discover related information via Dimensions.

Note, this enhanced feature is currently available for our Enterprise customers. Please contact our sales team if you are interested in this module.

Other Notable Features/Updates

  • DOI’s for Citekeys – Instead of using just a citekey you can now copy the DOI and use that to reference
  • Sort by notes column – Add additional sorting options
  • Search Improvements – New searches by type & color query
  • Tags – Edit the order of tags on a reference via the metadata pane
  • Metadata Improvements – Helpful tips for resolving articles now appear
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