Alex Hodgson
September 16, 2013 --

Scientific FOMO? No mo!

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Keeping up on the latest research in your field can be a slippery slope.

After you’ve found the first few great papers or key authors, the realization how much information is out there (not to mention the task of sorting through it) can be really intimidating! Just like in your life outside the lab, science is full of FOMO, the Fear OMissing Out.

You might already have a routine for finding the research that’s relevant to you, and many of your colleagues certainly do, but whether you’re getting an alert from PubCrawler, or getting down with Google on Scholar Saturdays, these efforts are time consuming! What’s more, you might miss out on something you didn’t know how to search for (à la Donald Rumsfeld’s unknown unknowns).

So, here’s our humble solution to scientific FOMO: ReadCube’s own built-in recommendations.

ReadCube (Legacy) recommendations

When you click that little four-leaf clover in your ReadCube app, we search databases like PubMed to intelligently find papers that might be of interest to you based on the papers you already have in your library as well as your recent reading activity. To narrow down the results, you can choose how far back we should look for interesting papers–who knows, you might have missed something last year! You can even tell ReadCube to base recommendations off of a particular list.

customize your recommendations readcube (legacy)

The best part is, the more you read papers and organize lists in ReadCube, the better the recommendations get. So go on, pull some recommendations. You might find something that makes you the star of journal club!