Alex Hodgson
October 25, 2012 --

Open Access Week!

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Greetings ReadCubers!

This week is Open Access Week, a movement promoting immediate, unfettered access to peer-reviewed publications in science. There’s a lot of interesting dialogue going on, and we’ll be highlighting some of our favorite bits on our twitter account, but we thought the blog was a great place to give you all a little Open Access snack!

So, check out some significant open access papers that are available online as ReadCube articles:

  • Read about the ENCODE genomics project in an open access Nature article.
  • Read about the latest in cancer genomics through this characterization of squamous cell lung cancer.
  • And for an element of quirkiness, see just how much dogs are distressed after the earthquake and nuclear disaster in Fukushima. Woof!

Until next time,

-The ReadCube Team