Alex Hodgson
July 15, 2020 --

Quick Release: July Edition

July Quick Release image

We’ve been hard at work implementing new features from user feedback and our feature release board. Since we’ve been receiving such great feedback, we decided to release a few features early this month. Take a look below to see what’s new.

First up is Preview Annotations. In the last release, we introduced the preview pane, which was a popular feature coming from Papers 3. As an enhancement, you can now see your annotations on preview as well. This is still a read-only view, but it should make it easier to see your annotations quickly without opening the full PDF.

Preview annotations on Papers app

For some additional organizational features, we have added the Date Modified field. This field is updated anytime you add, update, or remove an annotation by yourself or on a shared library. Right-click on the column title bar to add it to your library.

Date Modified field in Papers

In the last release, we introduced Citekey Management to the desktop app. Citekey Search is now available in this quick release. You can search a citekey using:


Searching with citekeys that contain a “:” might give some funky results so we suggest you regenerate your citekeys so that they use a period by default.

Citekey search in Papers library search bar

Finally, we added a highly requested feature to add articles found in the internal search engine to lists. Simply drag and drop any reference you want into Lists and sub-Lists directly. This works with Recommendations as well.

As an added benefit to search, you can now save any queries you enter into the internal search engine. You no longer need to retype the query after opening a PDF.

That’s all for this quick update, as always please reach out to our support team for any questions and we look forward to releasing more new features later this month!