Alex Hodgson
December 3, 2020 --

November 2020 in Review

November 2020 in Review Feature Image

While this Thanksgiving may have looked different for a lot of us, our team is still working hard to bring you new features into the suite of Papers apps.

SmartCite for Word Improvements

SmartCite is the fastest and easiest way to cite your references. SmartCite for Word now allows you to choose certain page numbers, suppress authors, and more! We even added the ability for you to fully customize the citation.

Just click on a reference to bring up this menu or click on the edit icon in the top right to edit the whole citation. We hope you enjoy this new functionality and want to know what you think.

Store Organizations as Authors

To also help with referencing, you can now save Organizations as authors by going to your “Edit Metadata” pane. You will need to add “~” to the end to override Papers from treating it as “First Name” “Last Name”. For instance: World Health Organization would be “World Health Organization~”

Default Citation Style

With over 9,000+ citation styles in our database, it can become cumbersome to continually search for your desired style. Now you can set your favorite style as your go-to for those times you just need to quickly copy a reference. Head to the new General menu in Papers Settings and select your Default Citation Style.

We’ve also added the ability to select multiple items in your library and quickly copy all in your chosen style to generate a bibliography quickly.

Tab Persistence

When closing the desktop app you will now receive a prompt to save any open tabs before quitting. When you reopen Papers all your opened articles will be saved.

Tab Persistence in Papers

You can also set the app to remember your preference in the new Settings menu. Choose whether multiple tabs always stay open, never remember or continue to get the notification when closing Papers.

Other Notable Features/Updates

  • Citekeys Update – Can now select multiple citekeys for articles
  • Enhanced Preview Pane – Works offline for downloaded PDFs
  • Browser Extension – Now remembers previously selected lists
  • Google Search – Added to the preview pane
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