Alex Hodgson
January 15, 2018 --

Next-gen Discovery tool for Researchers:

We have REALLY exciting news for you!  We’re proud to be part of a collaborative effort to create a new discovery platform designed to break down barriers to discovery and innovation – Dimensions!

Dimensions website cover

Dimensions developed through a dynamic collaboration across Digital Science and six of its portfolio businesses (Altmetric, Figshare, Symplectic, DS Consultancy, ÜberResearch & ReadCube) plus a robust list of 100+ community development partners.

What does this all mean? 

Dimensions is built for the community, by the community.

Dimensions builds off many of the features already available in ReadCube (like Enhanced Reading, citations, search) and added more data types and search capabilities, robust facetings, new metrics plus a fantastic level of data mapping.

Here are just a few things you can do within Dimensions:

  • Search and find the latest literature: with the help of advanced filters and metrics to clear out the noise.
Dimensions search bar
  • Monitor the latest developments in your field: create and maintain custom searches and filterings to more accurately identify the research fields in which you work
  • Read Open Access content with the click of a button: plus the option to add it to your ReadCube Papers library!
ReadCube Papers Anywhere Access buttons in Dimensions

ReadCube Papers Anywhere Access Add to Library buttons in Dimensions

ReadCube Papers Anywhere Access PDF in Dimensions
  • Understand your impact, and that of your peers: citation data and altmetrics provide useful indicators for tracking and showcasing the academic and broader effects of published work
Metrics in Dimensions
  • Identify new opportunities and collaborators: trace your network to identify people working in areas you’re interested in, and see where specific research is receiving funding from

Stayed tuned for more exciting developments between ReadCube & Dimensions in the coming months!