Alex Hodgson
November 1, 2019 --

October 2019 in Review

ReadCube Papers October 2019 in Review

ReadCube Papers users get access to new features as part of their subscription to our suite of reference management apps. Here’s what we rolled out in October.

Desktop Preview

We’re excited to share that the ReadCube Papers Desktop Preview (Windows & Mac) is now available for those keen on early access.

If you are a past Papers 3 user, you can use our library transfer tool to move everything into the new app. If you are using the ReadCube Papers Web app or the ReadCube Desktop app, your libraries will sync automatically.

New ReadCube Papers Desktop Preview

File Management (Desktop & Web)

We’ve also wired up local file management in the new desktop apps enabling you to:

  • Choose where you locally store your ReadCube Papers library
  • Customize how we organize your physical library files
  • Select your own naming convention when saving articles from ReadCube Papers to your local storage drive. Say Goodbye to dealing with the funky file names provided by publishers
Screenshot of file management tool in ReadCube Papers
Screenshot of file management screen in ReadCube Papers.

Save PDF + Notes (Desktop & Web)

download pdf and notes in the enhanced pdf viewer

Notes, annotations and drawings are all available for saving outside of ReadCube Papers. 

Navigate to the top pane of the Web Reader to the Download PDF button to save the file as a clean copy or choose to include all your markings.

2 Page Article View & Horizontal Scroll (Desktop & Web)

Reading is now easier in the ReadCube Papers Web Reader or large screens with the new 2 Page Article View. Right-click on any article within the Web Reader to select Double Page.

Screenshot of double page article view in the ReadCube Papers Enhanced PDF Viewer

You can also choose to read your article with the new Horizontal Scroll.

Screenshot of horizontal article view in the ReadCube Papers Enhanced PDF Viewer

Duplicate Matching (Desktop & Web)

Screenshot of double page article view in the ReadCube Papers Enhanced PDF Viewer

Have two of the same references? You can now simply select multiple references in your library and combine metadata and PDFs into a single entry.

Right-click on the files you need to merge and watch as they all combine into one!

Other Notable Features/Updates

  • Wildcard support for search & smart lists
  • Sharing by email
  • Ability to remove all supplements manually for a reference
  • Link to search options
  • Enhanced BibTeX and RIS for better export
  • Read more about new features in our latest Release Notes

Coming Early November: Try SmartCite for Google Docs!

Screenshot of SmartCite for Google Docs