Alex Hodgson
June 25, 2020 --

Navigating the workforce remotely with Scismic

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As the 2019 school year closes, job seeking is looking a little different from previous years thanks to the remote workforce taking place since the coronavirus pandemic. Even during regular times, navigating the job force after a first postdoc position can be daunting.

Do I have enough experience? 

Is my experience related to this job post? 

Am I in a current position that fits my skills and will accelerate my career path AND meet my aspirations? 

These common questions are just the start of a young researcher trying to steer their life after academia. While there are tools and sites to help a standard job search, most of these are not geared towards the scientific community. That’s where the newly researcher-focused job seeker site, Scismic helps. 

Users simply spend 15 minutes completing their career profile on the Scismic portal and wait to be paired with an industry or lab position that fits each candidate’s experience and unique skills. Scismic’s pairing goes beyond other sites through their gender and race-blind matching algorithm that removes bias from applications. Now, candidates are truly matched by their expertise.

Scismic is also more than just a platform to submit a resume. When co-founders, Elizabeth Wu, and Danika Khong, thought about their own job experience, both realized there is a mismatch of opportunities and basic training. So they set out to change not only how a job platform pairs companies and candidates together, but also other ways the platform can improve the biotech hiring process.

Scismic offers multiple workshops designed to help candidates maximize their potential. You can register for events to understand the job market and how to prepare yourself after graduation. There are also resume writing workshops and events to hear about career advice.

“We’re not just another job platform, [we] give you the tools to be successful.” -Elizabeth Wu, Co-Founder

To get started, and learn more about how to find your next career position, create your profile at Scismic

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