Alex Hodgson
May 26, 2020 --

April/May 2020 In Review

April and May Monthly Update Feature Image

PDF Preview

In this month’s update, we’re excited to release the new PDF Preview pane. Now, you can view a preview of the full-text article without it disappearing.

Papers Article Preview toggle

When you toggle the Preview icon to show the preview the PDF will stay on your screen. If you rather not have the PDF shown, simply toggle the preview icon off.

Shared Library Recommendations

One of our most popular features just became even better. Now in the Recommendations tab you can search for new papers both in your Personal and Shared Libraries.

Recommendations for Shared libraries image

What’s more, you can even select the folder from a specific library to receive recommendations based on all the articles in that list.

Recommendations for Lists in Shared libraries image

Citekey Management

One of our biggest updates this month is our new Citekey management. Now, if you are using Papers alongside a BibTeX file by people writing in LaTeX and similar environments, we have now added in the ability to autogenerate citekeys.

When importing items into your library you can choose to use the original citekey or choose to overwrite the citekey with the new Citekey Management menu.

Papers Citekey Management panel

Enhanced Dark Mode

We previously updated our web reader to include dark mode for enhanced reading support. In this update we have now added the option to select a Dark + Inverted mode allowing both the PDF and background to be completely dark.

new inverted dark mode for the ReadCube Papers Enhanced Web Reader

Other Notable Features/Updates

  • Smart Lists are now sorted alphabetically
  • Last Used Style – In Export pane last used style remembered
  • Support Bibtex – New file type of .bibtex supported
  • Notes Column – See your notes in a column
  • Show Annotations type – On notes panel see the difference between underline, strikethrough etc.


ReadCube, along with leading publishers, Wiley, JAMA, and Springer Nature, are excited to announce a new initiative to facilitate access to literature related to COVID-19 research.

The COVID-19 Research Pass (CRP) program provides direct access to over 26 million articles and is available to anyone studying COVID-19.

COVID-19 Research Pass Program image

Content can be saved to your ReadCube personal/shared libraries, downloaded, or printed. While you can search directly through the portal, access will also be flagged directly in the Papers browser extension seamlessly.

You can also create public links where you can share full-text articles (read-only) with notes and annotations for fellow community members.