Alex Hodgson
October 16, 2012 --

Mark It!

Add to ReadCube bookmarklet

Hello world!

We’re pleased to release a new update to ReadCube into the world today. It comes jam-packed with the usual optimizations, tweaks, and bugfixes, plus a couple of new features.

Check out what’s new!

  • A collapsible left-side panel: After many requests, we’ve finally added a button to hide the side panel, giving you extra screen real estate for reading your articles.
  • A few new options in preferences including an option to disable the ReadCube helper app and an option to alphabetize your lists.

And finally, the feature we’re most excited about…

Introducing the ReadCube Bookmarklet!

We’ve heard from many users that they wish there was a way to easily send articles they find with their browser straight to ReadCube. Well, our bookmarklet does just that.

When you find an article or abstract page on the web, just click the bookmarklet, and ReadCube will look for information on the page that would identify the paper you’re looking at, then automatically add the reference to your ReadCube library and download the PDF.

Just drag the button to your bookmarks bar, and try it out next time you find an article on the web!

We’re releasing the bookmarklet here on our blog first as a preview, for all you power users out there to check out. Grab the new ReadCube update first (just restart ReadCube), then try out the bookmarklet. Let us know of any cases you find where it’s not working, so we can make sure it’s ready for mass consumption.

Happy Reading!

-The ReadCube Team