Alex Hodgson
April 14, 2020 --

March 2020 In Review

March in Review Featured Image

Tag Management

We’re excited to bring into this update a long-awaited for feature, tag management. Now, in addition to filtering your tags, you can easily bulk delete and rename tags within your library.

When deleting, that specific tag will be removed from all associated papers.
When renaming a tag, you will see that tag updated on all associated papers.

screenshot showing papers new tag management

We will also be adding the ability to select a group of papers and remove all associated tags in the next update.

Metadata and Notes Panel Redesign

We made three new changes to the right panel in the library view…

First, there is now an “Edit” button that will let you edit the details and metadata of a reference without having to right-click a reference or hit the gear icon.

screenshot showing new edit metadata pane

Second, we added a notification to the notes panel to let you know if you have personal/shared annotations or notes on that paper.

Last but not least, we rebuilt the notes panel, so now you can view both general notes and the annotations made on the PDF – directly from the main library view.

screenshot showing new notes pane in papers

Browser Extension Support – GetFTR

There are new improvements on the browser extension thanks to the new GetFTR initiative. Institutional access will now show more articles that are open access or available through proxy access.

For articles that are open access or available via your institutional holdings, the View PDF will automatically open the full-text. Begin making notes and annotations on the article or easily add the full-text to your library

getftr on google scholar

Other Notable Features/Updates

  • Proxy support for the desktop apps Read more
  • Leave shared libraries that you no longer want to be part of
  • Updates to both SmartCite for Word and Google Docs
  • Support improvements for the browser extensions
  • Missed out on last month’s feature update? Read it now!