Alex Hodgson
December 25, 2012 --

Happy Holidays from ReadCube!

ReadCube Papers Holiday 2012 Cartoon

We love the holiday season here at ReadCube HQ, in no small part because it generally signals the arrival of presents!

So, we’re thrilled to let you know about our holiday gift to you, the latest ReadCube update. This update carries a few key features that you, our dedicated fans, have asked for:

We’re excited to announce the public debut of the ReadCube Bookmarklet. Adding articles to your ReadCube library from your web browser is a snap, just click the “Add to ReadCube” button!
Purchased articles now have their own list in the left-sidebar. Also, ReadCube now lets you know if you there are any articles that you’ve purchased, but not downloaded, and can syncs them for you.
You can use the new Connectors pane in the preferences menu to choose the search engines you’d like enabled for searching, finding metadata, and identifying imported PDFs. Plus, we’ve added Microsoft Academic Search as a search engine
Finally, there’s now a simple citation export – at long last, you can choose an article in your ReadCube library, and choose the cite option in the right-sidebar. Pick a style, and formatted citations will magically appear! Consider this a preview of our fully-fledged citation tool (and plugin for Word), coming next year.
As usual, we’ve also jam-packed this update with performance improvements, optimizations, and bug fixes, so your ReadCube experience should be smoother than ever. Let us know how it goes!

Happy holidays, enjoy some time off (and maybe a holiday feast), and we’ll see you in the new year!

Best Wishes,
The ReadCube Team