Alex Hodgson
December 25, 2017 --

2017 Wrap Up!

ReadCube Papers 2017 Holiday Card

As 2017 winds down – we wanted to take this opportunity to send our most sincere thanks for being part of the ReadCube & Papers family.

Our Favorite Highlights from 2017:

Over 20 million people every month use ReadCube and Papers technology to read, access, discover and manage their literature.

175 million pages were read in ReadCube this year! That’s 480K each day!

Our readers spent over 811 years worth of time reading in ReadCube in 2017! That’s almost 2 ¼ years reading each day!

We saw our sharing technology (used by Wiley, Springer Nature, IEEE, Taylor & Francis) – which grants full-text access to paywalled content – used almost 8.6 million times to date!

Over 60 million articles are now available as Enhanced PDFs within ReadCube’s web, desktop, and mobile applications. Not only do Enhanced PDFs feature hyperlinked in-line citations, annotation tools, instant access to supplemental materials and figures, clickable author names – they also are deep-indexed for improved discoverability through ReadCube’s search, recommendations, and related article feeds.

We have continued to expand our publishing partner network welcoming: American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), British Institute of Radiology (BIR), American Association of Cancer Research, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers  (IEEE), Sheridan Pubfactory, Silverchair, American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE), and the American Diabetes Association (ADA).

Some things to look forward to in early 2018!

  • The new ReadCube Papers app – a merger of two great tools and communities. The new app will be available for Web, Desktop (Mac/PC) & Mobile (iOS/Android) – read more about it
  • We’ll be announcing new third-party integrations that are sure to streamline your workflows
  • Continued expansion of SmartCite functionality
  • Rolling out new Team functionality with more ways to collaborate within groups!

Thanks for making 2017 an amazing year and we wish you and your families a wonderful holiday and New Year!


The ReadCube Papers Team:

ReadCube Papers Team Signatures via holiday card