Alex Hodgson
September 9, 2013 --

Back to the grind here at the ReadCube Papers offices

Puzzle in a lightbulb - Problem solving concept

September’s here.

The air is getting crisper – campuses are buzzing… yes friends, summer is winding down and fall is approaching.

We’ve got some great things on the way…

  • BIG new feature launches
  • Campus visits
  • Conference parties

…PLUS we’re teaming up with our friends at 1DegreeBio to bring you some great articles with tips and tricks to navigate through the wild rapids of life in the lab.

So hold on to your lab coats, friends, and don’t forget that if you ever have questions or feedback for us, you can always drop us a note at [email protected].

Happy Reading,

The ReadCube Team


For those of you who may be interested:

We are looking for a few great testers to take a sneak peek and give us their thoughts on the new features pre-launch.

If you are interested, please apply now!