Alex Hodgson
May 15, 2015 --

ReadCube Papers Android and iOS App Updates – Oh My!


This week we’ve got both a new Android and iOS app updates  available!

The Android app is all grown up with the addition of the following much-anticipated features:

  • PDF search and annotation tools (highlights, notes; sync your library to view existing annotations)
  • ReadCube-exclusive Enhanced PDF – tappable inline citations/authors, hyperlinked reference lists, automatically attached supplements
  • Import PDFs from other apps (e.g. mobile web browser, email)
  • Performance improvements, including memory usage
  • Bug fixes and optimizations, including library sorting, PDF download/display

The iOS update has a few important noteworthy optimizations as well:

  • We squashed the bug with annotation saving. You now no longer need to click back to close the article to save your annotation.
  • Some users reported with funny stuff happening to the  PDF Notes editor box closing randomly – that’s all fixed too.
  • Added last author sort and fixed an issue with sorting by last name
  • Improved searching within PDFs
  • Improvements to sync

If you have any questions or issues updating your apps – don’t hesitate to drop us a note at [email protected]