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Powerful Literature Management Capabilities

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Search, Discovery & Monitoring

With thousands of articles published each day, keeping your team up on the latest literature is no small task. With Papers, we help your team search smarter with our assortment of built-in search engines, browser-based importers, powerful personalized recommendations, contextual citations and related article feeds. You can also easily integrate feeds from other third-party databases directly into their Papers library.

Integrated Subscription Management & Document Delivery

Papers Enterprise offers integrated subscription management and document delivery service that seamlessly integrates with your team's workflows within Papers apps and across the web. Fulfillment is fast (often within seconds), includes available supplements, eliminates the potential for duplicate purchases, and is available for thousands of scholarly journals across a broad range of publishers. What's more? Our Enhanced Article Previews offer a deeper look into the article before purchase. Enjoy access to supplements, figures, article metrics, and even look inside the article full-text for keywords and phrases.

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Overview of ReadCube Papers Library and Features

Your Team's Library of Research

Papers Enterprise boosts an organization's productivity by unifying literature otherwise scattered across platforms — applications, repositories, SharePoint sites, email systems, network shares, intranets, extranets, websites, databases, into a beautifully curated library of research. With Papers, all items are automatically matched to include full metadata, supplemental material, and impact metrics. What's more, Papers adds a contextual layer linking related papers and topics both within the library and to the research outside of it.

Enhanced Reading Environment

Empower your team to dive deeper into each article with Papers’ Enhanced PDF reader, which supports clickable inline citations, instant access to supplements, light/dark reading mode, high-resolution figures, and powerful collaborative annotation tools. Advanced article metrics include citation history, relative citation ratio (RCR), and altmetrics.

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Secure Collaboration

In addition to individual library management, flexible team spaces enable your researchers to share references, PDFs, and annotations between team members.

With unlimited storage, support for multiple file types, and customizable access permissions,  Papers is perfect for dynamic research groups of all sizes.

What’s more, administrators can customize private/public sharing workflows to align with internal policies.


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Advanced Document/Citation Writing

When authoring documents, SmartCite redefines citation management with support for Word, Google Docs, Pages, LibreOffice, and a wide range of other writing tools.

Easily find and insert references from personal or shared libraries, create bibliographies individually or as a team in over 10000 pre-defined styles. Custom styles are also supported.

Team members can also continue using third-party citation tools by simply exporting references from Papers. And for those working with external consultants who need access to references and to collaborate on documents, ask about our flexible collaborator roles.


Accessible from Every Device

Wherever your team members are, no matter what device they are using, Papers Enterprise offers secure, on-demand access 24/7.

Papers offers a robust web-based app, desktop support for both Windows and Mac, mobile support for Android and iOS, citation writing in a bevy of tools, including Word and Google Docs, and powerful browser extensions supporting all modern browsers.

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Easy Deployment & Management

Papers Enterprise offers true turn-key deployments and meets the requirements of your organization's IT, SSO, and copyright policies. For administrators, our secure dashboards offer granular user management including the ability to transfer licenses between users. Administrators also enjoy valuable usage insights to monitor engagement, reading, and purchasing trends (where applicable.) Our priority support channels, live chat, robust online knowledgebase, and custom end-user training also minimizes impact on your IT resources.

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ReadCube Papers Enterprise Customers


"Since 2016, Papers has been reducing the time it takes our team to navigate and work with scientific papers. The apps are intuitive, includes all the reference/literature management capabilities our team needs, and is also easy to manage at an organizational level. The addition of subscription management and document delivery has further simplified full-text access for our team and virtually eliminated the administrative and accounting efforts previously required to support individual article purchases."

Wade Hicks - Associate Director, Head of R&D Operations and IT @ KSQ Therapeutics

"We deployed Papers almost 5 years ago to help our teams work with scientific literature more effectively, and it continues to play an essential role in our day-to-day research. Working together on one common literature platform has enabled us to use existing research and resources more efficiently and gain valuable insights otherwise missed with siloed data across different tools and desktops. In addition to managing our existing literature, Papers' built-in article purchasing gets us to the full-text fast with not a single paywall getting in the way."

Damir Kasper, Associate Director of IT @ C4 Therapeutics

"While the “cost of changing” can be a concern for organizations looking at new processes/solutions, the benefits of switching to ReadCube Papers have far outweighed the cost of making the change. The entire experience has been overwhelmingly positive - a true “success story” for us here at the Scientific Information Center and for our knowledge workers in the different Business Units across Boehringer Ingelheim"

Dr. Karlheinz Spenny, Head of Scientific Information Center @ Boehringer Ingelheim (View Case Study)

"We brought ReadCube Papers in approximately one year ago primarily to help manage access to scientific literature.  Its integrated purchasing function makes access to subscription-based  journals easier, and avoids duplicate copies.  It is also fast and includes supplemental material for many articles.  Papers also helps us to organize references more efficiently, allowing us to focus on our research."

Wei Lu - Senior Director, Biology @ Skyhawk Therapeutics, Inc.

As a consultant for emerging life science companies, I know first-hand the challenges rapidly growing companies face trying to support their literature needs as they build out their scientific and IT platforms. Too much time and money are wasted looking for documents that live on a colleague’s hard drive, scrolling through internal databases full of articles poorly named or untagged, or re-ordering journal articles that have already been purchased. By utilizing all of the features found in the ReadCube Papers enterprise suite— companies can access a powerful and elegant suite of tools that will manage their library, purchasing, and citation needs as well as providing more advanced literature support as they grow from preclinical research to the marketplace.

Jill Shuman, MS, ELS - Library and Content Consultant, Life Sciences

"Over my career, each company I worked for had a different “solution” for the lab to work with research materials. I was either emailing requests to an admin to get full-text access, getting lost in cluttered cloud drives, or simply frustrated at the lack of usability of third-party services. While all technically got the job done, they were far from the ideal. The current company I work for adopted Papers about 18 months ago for both reference management & article purchasing, and it is glorious. You don’t realize how much time you waste doing things the old way until you start working with Papers and suddenly, what used to take 10 clicks, now takes 2. It’s one of the best research tools out there."

Director of Chemical Biology, Cambridge, MA

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