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Papers Enterprise helps dynamic research teams spend less time trying to stay organized and on-top of the latest scholarly literature and instead lets them focus on their research and innovating with their colleagues.

Enterprise Literature Management.

Create a fully-text searchable references library featuring automatic metadata matching, deduplication, supplements retrieval, keyword tagging, and robust article metrics. Keep your team organized and streamline authoring & citing within documents. SmartCite, our Word-compatible citation tool redefines citation management. In seconds, insert references from personal or enterprise libraries, create bibliographies individually or as a team.

Search, Discovery & Access.

Our powerful full-text search engines, 1-click PDF downloads, and powerful personalized recommendation engine and article feeds esure your team will never miss another important Paper. Provide instant access to the articles they need while Papers navigates the best access route across your various subscriptions, document delivery channels and central holdings. Flexible document delivery is also available directly through Anywhere Access.

Collaboration Across your Organization.

In addition to individual library spaces, unlimited shared team spaces enable seamless sharing of references, PDFs and annotations - even tag colleagues in papers to drive discussion and collaboration. Customize sharing rules based on your organization.

Cite Faster in Word.

When authoring documents, SmartCite, our Word-compatible citation tool redefines citation management. Insert references from personal or shared Enterprise libraries, create bibliographies individually or as a team. Team members can also continue using third-party citation tools by simply exporting references from Papers or export individual references out as needed.

Convenient & Secure Access.

With our unlimited cloud storage for both personal and shared Enterprise libraries coupled with SSO-integration,  your team can securely access libraries (including notes and highlights) and discovery features from any device. Papers supports Mac, PC, Android, iOS, Kindle, and all modern browsers.

Easy Deployment and Management.

Papers Enterprise can be deployed quickly and meets requirements of  IT, SSO, and copyright policies. The secure administrative portal makes granular user management easy. Priority  support channels, our online knowledgebase, and custom end-user training also minimizes impact on your IT resources.

What's included in Enterprise Plans

All features from Individual Licenses


Powerful Enterprise Functionality

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Optional Add-on: Document Delivery & Subscription Integration

Is your team running into paywalls for scholarly articles they need for their research? Papers Enterprise offers an optional subscription management and document delivery service that can seamlessly integrate with your team's workflows both within Papers apps and across the web. Fulfillment is fast (often within seconds), includes available supplements, eliminates potential for duplicate purchases and is available for thousands of scholarly journals across a broad range of publishers.

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