ReadCube Papers vs Dropbox

We believe your library of literature is more than just PDFs in a folder.

Research is dynamic and evolves every day, so your tools to manage your library should be too. With ReadCube Papers, enjoy a connected library of research, auto-linked supplements, track article metrics, get personalized reading recommendations, discover new papers, import full-text in a single click, and cite your manuscript - all within one platform.

Don't take our word for it - take a look below to see how ReadCube Papers can help you enhance your research over Dropbox and then start a free 30-day trial!

OrganizationReadCube PapersDropbox
Import references & PDF
+Import other file typesEnterprise Edition
Automatic metadata extraction and article identificationLimited
Duplicate article detectionN/A
Full-text search, including annotationsLimited
Advanced search filters
Customizable lists
Smart listsN/A
Bulk keyword taggingN/A
Labels and article ratingsLimited
Watch folders for automatic PDF importN/A
File management

ReadingReadCube PapersDropbox
Clickable enhancements for PDFsN/A
+Inline referencesN/A
+Full reference listN/A
+Linked author namesN/A
+Automatic attachment of supplemental informationN/A
Full screen PDF viewer
Article outlineN/A
PDF annotation, highlighting tools & drawing toolsLimited
High resolution figure & video viewerN/A
Text to speechN/A

Finding New PapersReadCube PapersDropbox
Built-in searchN/A
1-click PDF downloadsN/A
Institutional proxy integrationN/A
Extensions supporting 1-click downloads & PDF streaming across the webN/A integrationN/A

Advanced Discovery & MetricsReadCube PapersDropbox
Personalized paper recommendation engineN/A
+Customizable based on publication time frameN/A
+Constantly-updated stream of recommendationsN/A
Related articlesN/A
Citation count metricsN/A
Relative citation ratio (article level-impact)N/A
Field citation ratioN/A
Visualizations and clickable lists of citing articlesN/A
Contextual citationsN/A
Altmetric integrationN/A

SharingReadCube PapersDropbox
Private collaboration groups
Shared taggingN/A
Shared annotationsLimited
Shared smart listsN/A

CitingReadCube PapersDropbox
Word-compatible citation toolN/A
Instant bibliography insertion and style formattingN/A
Included citation styles9000+N/A
Add and create custom stylesN/A
Marking favorite stylesN/A
Integrated web search within the pluginN/A
Quickly copy formatted citationsN/A
Export to other citation file formats (.bib, .ris, .xml)N/A
Access to references in both personal and shared librariesN/A
Integration with OverleafN/A
Integration with Google DocsN/A

Article AcquisitionReadCube PapersDropbox
Purchase PDFs within ReadCube Papers appsVia Access ModuleN/A
Holdings & subscription integrationVia Access ModuleN/A
Access permissions and secure administrative panelVia Access ModuleN/A

Supported Platform/DevicesReadCube PapersDropbox
Desktop app (Windows, Mac)
Web reader with enhanced PDFsLimited
Web-based library
Compatibility with all modern web browsers
Mobile apps (smartphone, tablet)
+iOS (including Apple Pencil support)Limited

Cloud Storage + SyncReadCube PapersDropbox
Sync library across platforms and devices
Storage space for PDFsUnlimitedLimited

This comparison is based on the Dropbox Plus subscription plan. If you are interested in learning more about how Dropbox Enterprise plans compare, please visit our ReadCube Papers Enterprise page.