Feature Spotlight: New and Improved Web Importer

We are excited to announce we’ve added brand new features to the ReadCube Papers Web Importer (browser extension) – making it even easier for you to discover and get access to the articles you need across the web.

For those who are new to our Web Importer: Our Web Importer lives in your browser and helps ensure any new papers you come across on the web make it into your ReadCube Papers library, without you having to download and manually import it yourself.

While on any of your favorite sites, you’ll see an “Add to Library” button. With a single click, our nifty importer will immediately try to import the full-text PDF version (and available supplements) into your library. For content you may not have access to, the importer always retrieves the article’s metadata. This ensures you have the reference in your library, leaving you more time to find new scholarly literature.

Exciting New Changes

  • First and foremost, the ReadCube Papers Web Importer is now available across multiple browsers. Users can download the extension on Chrome, Firefox, and Edge (Safari support is still in the works). If you’re already using the ReadCube Papers Web Importer in Chrome close and reopen your browser to push the extension update.
  • Find papers as you normally would across discovery sites like Dimensions, PubMed, Google Scholar, BioRxiv, and most journal websites. Our extension instantly recognizes if a paper is in a personal or shared library collection. It will also check if an article is Open Access. If it’s not, it will try to download through your library subscription if you’ve set your proxy up in your account and deposit it into your ReadCube Papers library.
Drop down on Browser Extension
ReadCube Papers Web Importer Guide to the Buttons
  • We listed it above, but we wanted to highlight the VIEW PDF feature… If you already have access to the PDF (and see the VIEW PDF button), you can instantly stream the article in your current window. The same Enhanced PDF reading experience will be available, including supplements, inline references, annotation and drawing tools, and more. That’s right… no extra steps… no redirects… no sending you off to another tab….
gif of how to save pdf and notes to library
  • For enterprise customers who have enabled our integrated document delivery service, we’ve consolidated that functionality so you can easily leap over paywalls wherever you are discovering papers across the web.

We’d love to hear your feedback! Share your thoughts (and questions of course) via [email protected].