Upgrade to the new Papers

Enjoy all of the powerful literature management features you loved in Papers 3 plus an exciting range of new feature additions!

Highlights include:

  • A fully redesigned suite of web, desktop (Mac/PC) and mobile apps (iOS/Android)
  • Advanced collaboration capabilities including shared private libraries
  • Unlimited personal cloud storage to sync your library across devices
  • Article metrics & auto-linked supplements
  • Enhanced PDF viewing (sample)
  • Light/dark reading mode
  • Retraction alerts
  • New citation writing tools for Word, Google Docs, (and any writing tool)

Take a look under the hood of the new ReadCube Papers

What Papers 3 Users are saying about the new app:

"I changed over from Papers 3 and am very happy I did. Transferring was also much easier than I had expected. The new Papers has all the functionalities I need, most importantly managing my references so that I can add papers to my collection that I find important and retrieve those that I am looking for quickly."

"This is by far the best bibliographic reference software. It is easy to use and has everything I need feature-wise. It intelligently imports metadata, even if you only import a PDF. Unlimited storage is a definite plus. Overall, a step up from Papers 3."

"I was skeptical at first, but now I find the new product is superior to Papers 3 in many ways. Your database of papers is always available through a website or any device. The paper matching feature has less knobs and toggles than I initially wanted, but its smart selection of the right paper is quite impressive. It also brings in a great deal of information about the papers that Papers 3 did not."

"I hate change as much as the next guy, but I have to say, the new app is top-notch. All of the things that bugged me about Papers 3 are tackled in this version. Also - that browser extension is a killer feature."

"Over the years, I have accumulated several thousand pdfs in my library, syncing across devices using Papers 3 (via Dropbox) was very slow (~30 min) and while syncing it took up most of the internet capacity at home which obviously was extremely annoying. All these problems are solved with the cloud-based ReadCube Papers and I am super happy to be able to instantly access my papers on all my devices at any time (Android phone, iPad, laptop at home and desktop at work)."