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Getting Started: Smart Lists

Smart Lists are a way to save your commonly used searches. To create a Smart List start by typing in a search term. Once the results look right click the arrow at the right hand part of the search bar. You can then give a name to your Smart List to help you find it…

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Getting Started: Advanced Search in ReadCube Papers

readcube papers advanced searching feature

This article will help you take advantage of advanced search techniques to help you get the most out of your growing reference/PDF library. Remember that any search query you make can be used to create a Smart List. General Use Our standard search will search all the fields for you. For example, if you want…

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What is the ReadCube Papers Browser Extension?

Welcome to the new ReadCube Papers Browser Extension! Now you can seamlessly import articles directly from your web browser into your synced ReadCube Papers library. Find papers as you normally would on PubMed, Google Scholar, and journal websites – the extension allows you to add those references, along with optional notes, to any of your…

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How do I transfer my Library from Papers to ReadCube Papers?

Easily migrate your Papers 3 library into ReadCube Papers while retaining all of your annotations and organization from your current Papers3 library. We also have a video to walk you through the process or you can read through the step-by-step process below: First, please check to make sure that you are running the most up to date…

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