ReadCube Hires Miles McNamee as Senior Vice President of Enterprise Sales

Miles McNamee Blog Post

ReadCube is very pleased to announce that STM sales veteran, Miles McNamee joins as ReadCube’s Senior Vice President of Enterprise Sales. Miles brings more than 20 years of leadership experience in building high-performing sales teams, strategic planning, and driving revenue growth at companies such as Highwire, Copyright Clearance Center, and Liberty Media.  “ReadCube is known…

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Navigating the workforce remotely with Scismic

Scismic Blog Feature Image

As the 2019 school year closes, job seeking is looking a little different from previous years thanks to the remote workforce taking place since the coronavirus pandemic. Even during regular times, navigating the job force after a first postdoc position can be daunting. Do I have enough experience?  Is my experience related to this job…

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April/May 2020 In Review

April and May Monthly Update Feature Image

PDF Preview In this month’s update, we’re excited to release the new PDF Preview pane. Now, you can view a preview of the full-text article without it disappearing. When you toggle the Preview icon to show the preview the PDF will stay on your screen. If you rather not have the PDF shown, simply toggle…

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Feature Spotlight: Digging into the Metrics

ReadCube Papers Feature Spotlight Announcement

ReadCube Papers is more than just a place to store those PDFs. With Papers, we want to help enhance your research and allow you to discover articles smartly. Papers provides different metrics behind each article to help you go beyond using search engines. Library Metrics Every article imported into Papers will display a Metrics tab…

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March 2020 In Review

March in Review Featured Image

Tag Management We’re excited to bring into this update a long-awaited for feature, tag management. Now, in addition to filtering your tags, you can easily bulk delete and rename tags within your library. When deleting, that specific tag will be removed from all associated papers. When renaming a tag, you will see that tag updated…

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Supporting COVID-19 Research

covid19 feature image

With the world racing to better understand and identify a treatment for COVID-19, Papers is committed to doing whatever we can to support that effort. We are providing complimentary 6-month subscriptions to the suite of Papers Apps for any researcher that is working on COVID-19. Simply fill out the information on the Papers Upgrade Request…

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Accessing your library’s content even from off-campus

Proxy Access Image

With the rising total of college and university closures, we want to be a resource that helps allow students, postdocs, and researchers to maintain access to university content, even without being on campus. Within ReadCube Papers you can connect your library proxy to your account and keep accessing all the journals and articles you need.…

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BMJ Now Available for Instant On-Demand Purchasing

BMJ and Papers blog feature

We are pleased to announce that BMJ, leading healthcare knowledge provider, is now a premier partner to our instant document delivery service. Existing Papers Enterprise customers subscribing to our Full-text Access module can now enjoy on-demand unmediated purchasing to 49 BMJ journals without needing to navigate through a paywall. As with other instant access partners,…

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January/February 2020 In Review

Valentine's Day Release Banner

Watch Folders (Desktop) They’re back – “Watch Folders” are the newest feature from the legacy desktop app to make its way into the new ReadCube Papers app!  Watch folders allow you to select a folder on your local computer to “watch.” Anytime a PDF is put into that folder, it automatically adds it to the…

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