Top Questions on SmartCite – #5

This blog post continues our series on common questions about our SmartCite citation tool. SmartCite is our fix to the cumbersome difficulties that you face while writing research papers, whether it be laboriously formatting each and every citation or digging through the internet for the citation information you need.

Today’s SmartCite Question: Can you develop a feature to make SmartCite do [x,y,z]?

We love getting users’ feedback like this, especially since we receive so many great ideas! During the development process for SmartCite over the past few months, we have definitely taken beta tester feedback into consideration and added many user-requested features to the present product. We know there’s definitely room for improvement with SmartCite, and if you think there’s something our tool is missing, please do let us know about it! Write to me directly at [email protected], or head to our Knowledge Base at and post your idea there!

That’s it for this week’s questions about SmartCite! If you have any topic ideas you’d like to see discussed in the future, please let us know at [email protected] Thanks for reading!