Top Questions on Import – #5

Hi ReadCube Papers users!

This week, we’re tackling the top five questions we hear about one of ReadCube Papers’ most essential features: Import.

On to this week’s question:

Are there alternatives to ReadCube Papers’ Import Tool?

In fact, there are two alternative options to the standard ReadCube Papers import tool! The screen you see when you launch ReadCube Papers for the first time. While our import tool is generally very good at quickly compiling a library for you, it may be challenging to filter which content you want to import or not (especially if you have folders with some PDFs you want to import and others that you do not). This is where the alternative mechanisms come in handy.

The first option (personally my favorite) is simply to drag and drop content onto your library. You can either drop individual articles as you download them or select multiple articles at a time and drag them all at once. You can also drag your articles directly from folders on your computer into lists, or drag entire folders to import a folder wholesale.

The second option is our Chrome Web Importer, available for free here. The ReadCube Papers Web Importer lets you immediately pull articles from your web browser to your library with a single click (conveniently located in your favorites bar). You can learn more about the bookmarklet on our support page.