Top Questions on SmartCite – #4

This blog post continues our series on common questions about our SmartCite citation tool. SmartCite is our fix to the cumbersome difficulties that you face while writing research papers, whether it be laboriously formatting each and every citation or digging through the internet for the citation information you need.

Today’s SmartCite Question: Does SmartCite support peer-to-peer collaboration?

Absolutely! Whenever you import references into a manuscript you are writing, you are actually saving the article’s information within the Microsoft Word document itself. This means that when you e-mail this document to another computer (whether it be putting it up on the cloud for later use at home, or sending to a colleague to contribute to) that all the relevant citation data will still be available in the document.

If your peers are interested in editing the citation data you’ve included or adding additional citations to your paper’s bibliography, they will need to use ReadCube Papers citation tool.

You can even add any references your co-collaborator used directly into your own library! Just select the References List and then “Add List to My Library.”

This process works back and forth endlessly, so feel free to add citations, save the document, send it, and repeat!