Top Questions on SmartCite – #3

This blog post continues our series on common questions about our SmartCite citation tool. SmartCite is our fix to the cumbersome difficulties that you face while writing research papers, whether it be laboriously formatting each and every citation or digging through the internet for the citation information you need.

Today’s SmartCite Question: How do I edit an existing citation?

Updating your references and bibliography is very simple. By default, citations and bibliographies are always inserted where your cursor is. If you referenced one text after mentioning a specific detail and want to go back and add an additional one, simply put your cursor on the citation you wish to change and call up the gadget. Add the additional reference here, and the new citation will be formatted appropriately.


ReadCube Papers’ SmartCite is constantly checking how your citations are numbered. Whenever you add any references, it works from the top to the bottom of the document to make sure citations are numbered appropriately (as they appear in the text you are writing). Feel free to add references anywhere, even if it’s already been added somewhere in the text, and watch as ReadCube Papers correctly identifies each citation in your paper. As of a recent update, ReadCube Papers will also leave any formatting or changes you’ve personally made to these citations untouched.

Changing the styles of your references and bibliographies is equally simple to do. Just call up the Gadget and select the “Bibliography” button to bring up a list of all of your currently available styles. From here, choose the format you’d like, and your entire document (from top to bottom) will be correctly formatted in this new style. It’s that easy!