Top Questions on SmartCite – #2

This blog post continues our series on common questions about our SmartCite citation tool. SmartCite is our fix to the cumbersome difficulties that you face while writing research papers, whether it be laboriously formatting each and every citation or digging through the internet for the citation information you need.

Today’s SmartCite Question: How do I add a citation style to SmartCite?

ReadCube Papers’ citation gadget comes with over 8,000+ citation styles, so it’s very likely that we have the style you need! If for whatever reason we are missing a style you want for your paper, we have tried to make it as simple as possible to insert a new one. The style format we use with our gadget is .CSL type, which is readily available on the internet. The most accessible style repository can be found at the following URL:

Once at this website, just search for the style you need and download it to your desktop. When this is done downloading, open your ReadCube Papers client and navigate to the general tab of your preferences menu. From here, click the following button, which will automatically open the folder that holds all of your .CSL files. Click and drag the style from your desktop to this folder, and you should be all set!