Top Questions on Import – #2

Hi ReadCube Papers users!

This week, we’re tackling the top five questions we hear about one of ReadCube’s most important features: Import.

On to this week’s question:

Can I help ReadCube index articles with metadata of my choice

On very rare occasions, ReadCube will mistake an article in your library with the wrong matching article on Google Scholar/PubMed. If this happens, you will still be able to open and enhance the article appropriately but its preview in your Library will be incorrect and all linked references will not be useful. If you want to manually resolve any article in your library, you can help ReadCube do so by following the below instructions:

First, go into your preferences menu and make sure you uncheck both the “Automatically resolve articles without metadata” and “Automatically match unresolved articles while idle” options under the general tab.


Once this is done, return to your library and highlight the article with incorrect metadata. Select the gear at the top right of the screen and choose “unmatch.”


Once you’ve done this, you will see an option to “Help ReadCube Resolve Article” – choose this option. This will bring you to a screen where you will be prompted to enter information about your article. Doing this will pull up a detailed search of articles that match your PDF online, just choose the matching PDF and double click it to manually resolve your article. After this, you should be all set! Feel free to turn the options that you disabled back on in your preferences menu.