Papers is looking for developers to...

Work on a popular Mac and iOS app

create the next generation of Papers for Windows and help us bring Papers to Android

Open positions

A generous training budget, plenty of social events outside of work, as well as:

  • Apple hardware and your choice of tools
  • Weekly lunchtime technical talks
  • Standard Springer employee benefits
  • Unlimited access to Springer content

What we do

Papers for Mac and iOS

Papers for Mac is an award winning, widely used Mac application for managing research. It's built with Apple's frameworks, popular open source Cocoa libraries, and our own in-house solutions to complex problems like cloud-agnostic syncing.

Papers for iOS is built on our core framework, with iPhone and iPad-specific features. It even supports PDF notes and highlights, and syncs with Papers for Mac and Papers for Windows.

Papers for Windows is a WPF desktop application, written in C# using the Microsoft .NET Framework. Data is stored in a SQLite database, and Lucene is used for full-text search.

Our team

We're a multi-talented band of programmers, hackers, and part-time musicians.

Matias Piipari

Loves synthesizers.

GitHub: mz2

Twitter: @mz2

Will Bartlett

Massive legend.

GitHub: will118

Tiago Margalho

C# developer and CLR performance specialist.

GitHub: tiagomargalho

Twitter: @tiagomargalho

Kaisa Piipari

Likes Christmas songs.

LinkedIn: Kaisa Piipari, PhD

GitHub: kpiipari

Ben Blackburne

Data scientist.

GitHub: benb

Twitter: @bpb

Alex Young

Writes a lot about JavaScript.

GitHub: alexyoung

Twitter: @alex_young

Alexander Griekspoor

CEO and Lord of Papers.

GitHub: alexandergriekspoor

Twitter: @mekentosj

Andrew Martin

Still thinks it's the 90s.

Matthias Steffens

Lover of Scottish beer.

GitHub: extracts

Erica Salvaneschi

Likes cats.

GitHub: ericat

Twitter: @ericalecat

Mark Danks

Board game wizard.

GitHub: defragged

Twitter: @defragged

Alex Netkachov

GitHub: AlexAtNet

Raul Nicolas

QA Analyst

GitHub: raul_nicolas

Twitter: @rnryback

Claire-Louise Fagan

Twitter: @cl_fagan

Markus Piipari

Internet minimalist.

GitHub: 2pii

Twitter: @2pii

Christine Buske

Papers genius.

Daniella Fonyodi

Would walk everywhere if she could.

Dan Browne

Battlefield 3 champion 2011-2014.

GitHub: danielrbrowne

Jasper de Vaal

Marketing Manager

James Valaitis

Hates squirrels.

GitHub: Infinity-James

If you want to know more

Please contact for any enquiries about working at Springer.

Our location

Springer's IT department and Papers are based in Macmillan Publishers LTD's offices. Both are located in King's Cross, two minutes away from the train station, right next to Battlebridge Basin.

Map of London centered on Springer IT's location